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Serious major excitement warning… here comes the best news ever…

After a year of searching YEAH has found a new home at Penington Institute

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We are so excited about this news because of their awesome vision to both continue the legacy of YEAH’s youth led sexual health promotion, and over time expand it to include info on alcohol and other drugs because the links between these areas in young peoples lives are strong and real!

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YEAH’s youth led sexual health promotion

YEAH has built Australia’s largest ever online and face-to-face engagement of young people with sexual health info!

  • In 2015, over 900,000 young people turned to YEAH’s online channels for information on sexual health.
  • In 2015, 60 young people subscribed to YEAH’s online campaign each week to receive regular youth friendly sexual health information.
  • YEAH has developed our only national network of young people trained as sexual health peer educators ‘Shout out to the hundreds of young legends who have given up their time to make this program amazing! You know who you are…’
  • YEAH’s programs unite young people to work together regardless of gender or sexuality to promote inclusive sexual health amongst their peers. 50% of YEAH’s peer educators identify as GLBTIQ+
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It is for these clear reasons we never gave up on finding a way to save YEAH

Thank you Penington Institute for believing in and valuing the momentum YEAH has built over the past 12 years… long may YEAH live and positively impact the lives and health and wellbeing of young people across Australia under your guardianship! 

With more than 80% of all STIs occurring amongst young people, lets work together to crank up the volume and make much more noise and action to support young people being the HEROES of youth sexual health!

Why People Trust Us

YEAH is built on a track record of successful performancehigh return on

investment, growing community demand and an ability to innovate new ways to support young people to engage in sexual health education and HIV and STI prevention through cool online and face to face programs and events.


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